Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lone Parent Advisor

I did finally get in touch with the Lone Parent Advisor at the Jobcentre. I was told that I had had an appointment back in June which I had not kept. Probably because nobody ever told me about it. So I made a new appointment for yesterday and toddled off there for a chat.

She was surprised that I had contacted them and was there of my own accord rather than someone who had been summoned. So, don't lone parents want to make something of themselves then? I don't want to sit on my bum on benefits until I'm told "You've had enough hand outs, go and get a job!". I want to spend the next couple of years getting as well trained as I can, so that I can earn a decent wage for when I do have to support myself without help. Also I have spent most of my life being dependant on a husband and being made to feel like a sponger. I don't want that ever again. Even if I were to settle down/cohabit/marry again I want to be independant and provide for my own kids. She was also surprised that I work nine hours a week when I don't have to. She pointed out that I was effectively working for twenty quid a week. I don't look at it that way. I see it as earning a wage so that the government doesn't have to give me as much.

So, I found out that I can have course fees, transport and childcare fees paid for me. I also found out that I shouldn't have paid the course fee for the ECDL course I just paid for, doh! oh well, too late, chalk that one up to experience. As I was an accounts clerk in my life before kids, she advised that I take a Sage Accounting course. OK, that sounds good. I can only find one course at one college in central Bristol on a Monday evening. Not so good. I don't fancy public transport into and out of the city and the walk to the bus station at gone 9pm. It's too late to get back for the kids too. I looked online and you can buy Sage courses to do at home, so I'll have to find out if they'll pay for that.

Looking through the college course books though, I thought, why not go the whole hog, forget the Sage and do the NVQs 2, 3 and 4. I can do the crash course of 18 weeks for NVQ 2, 3 days a week, move the ECDL which is local, from the Friday morning to Monday evening and drop a shift at work. Then move on to the next two levels. Should take a couple of years. The NVQ starts in February so I've got until then to procrastinate. lol I wonder why the LPA didn't advise the NVQ though?


Nancy D said...

GFood for you Lorna! Wow! It sounds like people are the same the world over and that's why they were so surprised to see someone with initiative. Sad. It's probably the reason also that they didn't advertise the whole course- they may have thought people would only want to take the bare minimum. They're not going to know what to do with you! Good luck with whatever you decide. Nancy in NY

Kathy said...

You go for it Lorna, wishing you all the best. I had no idea you lived near Bristol hun, I live in Wraxall ont eh outskirts of Bristol. I work as an SMSA for Tickenham Primary school and love it, hoping to get something else one day but not just yet..

Good luck hun.


Joyus said...

Good for you Lorna.

I imagine they didn't advise on the NVQ because they're not used to dealing with people who actually want to make something of themselves.

Seriously though, it might be worth talking to some temp/job agencies to see what qualifications they are looking for - the ECDL is a more modern qualification than NVQs so it may be that is what employers are asking for now.

Sheila said...

Good for you Lorna. I haven´t got any advice but so pleased to see you are taking control and Going For It.
And a great guitar in your previous post - you will have to have a repertoire by next June LOL!