Friday, September 5, 2008

New Deal For Lone Parents

New deal for lone parents
New Deal is a government strategy for getting people back into work. A lone parent, whose youngest child is under 16, and is either not working or is working under 16 hours a week, can get help under the New Deal for Lone Parents scheme. There is access to a Personal Adviser, who will advise what funding is available towards course fees, travel, and childcare. He or she will be there as a contact throughout the whole New Deal programme.

It's their job to:

Get to know a little about the parent so you end up with a job you can enjoy
Calculate how much better off you could be in a job
Discuss with the parent what kind of job you would like to get
Draw up an action plan to help you get that job
Help you look and apply for suitable jobs
Help you find training opportunities
Help you find and organise registered childcare
Help you with expenses that may occur during your job search
Explain which benefits you will be entitled to once you start work
Continue to offer the parent help and advice even after you have found work.

Sounds great doesn't it? It would be even better if I could get them to answer the darn phone!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like government agaencies around the world have something in common! I just wanted to say that it seems like you have gained a great deal of inner strength. You should be very proud of yourself. You look great and the girls look like they're doing well too. Best wishes! Nancy in NY