Saturday, March 28, 2009

Life Is Pretty Darn Good

If anyone had told me this time last year that life could be this good, I would have given them a withered look, hehe.

The big plan for a better life took a huge step forward this week.

First of all, I passed my AAT unit 1 skills test. It's the first one of many exams in store for me over the next year, but a huge confidence boost. I started college, only half believing that I could cope with an accountancy course. Halfway through the course, I find that I'm coping with it miles better than anyone else in the class! lol I'm determined to get qualified enough to never have to rely on, be dependant on or 'sponge off' (as I was frequently told) anyone, ever again. I want to be independant, self reliant or if I do ever settle down with anyone in the future it will be as an equal partnership.

I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! I can hardly believe I did it! I have to keep reminding myself, I did it!

Lastly, and not part of the original plan, hehe, but a big step to freedom nonetheless, I took part in a sponsored zip slide for charity. A bit of rebellion cos I would never have been allowed to do something like it, so I did it because I could, and also for charity of course, haha. Videos to follow.


Sheila said...

Congratulations Lorna... on being free, yourself and doing what YOU want to do :) What incredible achievements you have made this past year - Go Girl :) :) :)

Joyus said...

Way to go Lorna, it's so great you're enjoying life :D

Maree said...

Good for you! I have to admit, I don't have my license, so well done!!!

Karoline said...

You go girl :)

Belinda said...

woot! You go, Lorna!

Congratulations on passing your driving test, for doing your skills test, but most of all for having taken the steps to be independent and finding yourself a year later so much happer and so much!

tiger said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.