Thursday, July 5, 2007

State Of Play

We have established that neither of us is happy in the marriage. We have also both stated our non-intention of leaving.

He says that it is HIS house and he won't leave it. He says that he is too old to start over again. I say that I have a right to stay in the house until DDK7 is 18.

He has said a lot of other stuff too. I sit and say nothing because there is no point.


ollie1976 said...

So sorry that you're going through this.

Karoline said...


Seahorse said...

Lorna, get a free half hour with a solicitor (if you haven't already?) and see where you'd stand legally re the house and residency with the girls.

I know you've written before about possible difficulties re the house thing but I still think it's worth asking.

Jill in CA said...

(((Lorna))) I've read your blog for a long time, although I don't often comment. I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and hoping for a resolution that will leave you happy because you deserve it! It has bothered me for a long time that he treats you the way he does. I'm thinking good thoughts for you!

Brangane said...


Is he trying to get you back under his control after you spent a day with your family?

He will be nasty and then nice to get his way.